Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty – Public Preview

Today, Microsoft has announced via this blog the public preview Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty! We had the honour and opportunity to work close with the product team of Microsoft "Cloud for Sovereignty". We are looking forward sharing this knowledge by launching a new Community called "Sovereign Cloud NL Community".

Our community goal is to introduce and making people familiar with the Sovereign cloud and Confidential Compute with the end goal in mind creating a smooth adoption and creating a common practice within the industry.

We believe that Sovereign Cloud and especially Confidential Compute can make the difference for migrating high secure workloads to the Cloud. Companies like banking, government and healthcare organisations can benefit from these technologies. It makes is it possible to protect your data and that only your organisation can access it, instead of the Cloud Provider. For example to comply with the future NIS2 regulation.

Stay tuned! More information is coming in the next couple of blogs.