Welcome at Souvereign Cloud NL!

We are the Dutch frontrunners of Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty, Azure Confidential Compute and more.

Our mission

Bring companies like Financial, Goverment and Health institutes together with experts and support these customers and their employees like product owners,architects, engineers, developers, etc; to make cloud platforms ready for the next facing challenges around Cyber Security and the need for Sovereign controls such as defined in NIS2.

Goals to achieve

  • Provide a platform for collaboration.
  • Share expertise, knowledge and ideas.
  • Ultimately make Cloud a safer place!

About the founders

This initiative was started by Arnold van Wijnbergen and Dinant Paardenkooper, two Microsoft Azure specialists which are working on early adoption of Azure Cloud for Sovereinty.

We always like to search and get in contact with peers in the industry! Just add us to your LinkedIn!